At LABNORMAL, the Nucleus Championship trophy will officially be back in the equation! For those who don't know, it was vacated by 'The Hitman for Hire' Mr. Grim - the first and only competitor to hold it - when he captured the new Wrestlers' Laboratory Championship belt at 'CATALYST'. However, management never had any intention of retiring the trophy permanently. It is the symbolization of our dedication to mixing things up. It is, as its name implies, the core - or heart, if you will - of The Lab. This is The Nucleus 19 Battle Royal. NINE DEBUTS. NINE RETURNS. ONE RETURN AND DEBUT. Confused? Read on.

DEBUTS: King León The 6TH, Isana, Chris 'The Hype' Henry, Bailey Blake, Cookie Pimp, 'The American Sumo' Mike Gamble, 'The Shamrock Shooter' Killian McMurphy, 'The Caramel Kodiak' Barrington Hughes, and 'The Punk Rock Poindexter' Darwin Finch.

RETURNS: 'The Unpredictable' JGeorge, Moonshine McCreedy, 'The Gifted' Ike Cross, 'The Wretched' Trever Aeon, 'Fighting Dreamer' Chris Crunkk, 'Product of War' Alan Angels, O'Shay 'The Silver Tongue' Edwards, 'The Strategist' JustNeph, and 'The Conscious King' HERU.


That's right, ladies and gentlemen; commentator, ring announcer, podcast host, and all-around promotional powerhouse Mark Adam Haggerty has agreed to make The Lab the very first company where he steps into the ring as an official competitor. This is going to be interesting, to say the least.