We at Wrestlers' Lab have made strides to be as outspoken and explicit as possible about our stances in the current professional wrestling climate, but it's become necessary to have an accessible document for ownership, staff, talent, crew,  fans, and anyone else involved in our endeavors to be able to refer to at any time. Transparency and accountability are two of the keys to progress in this arena.


Wrestlers' Lab has been and forever will be wholeheartedly and aggressively committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of everyone under our roof or engaging with our social media. I
n an effort to provide fans/attendees with the opportunity to reflect on and correct their behavior, we will be utilizing a three-strike system for what we deem minor offenses.


THE FOLLOWING ARE NOT MINOR OFFENSES AND WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL AND BEING PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM WRESTLERS' LAB EVENTS: Overt Racism/Bigotry, Sexism, Sexual Harassment, Physical Harm, Language That Threatens Anyone's Safety, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Discrimination Against Gender Non-Conforming Individuals, or any other illegal activities. We do not require or desire your patronage.

  • STRIKE ONE: The individual(s) will be approached, made aware of their offense, and informed/reminded of how their behavior violates our Code of Conduct. If warranted, a discussion about the incident may take place in order to clear the air and avoid a strike. Regardless, detailed records will be kept. If names are not known or provided, physical descriptions will be made.

  • STRIKE TWO: The individual(s) will be subject to being asked to leave the event with no refund. We will update our records, and management will evaluate your ability to attend future events.

  • STRIKE THREE: You will be asked to leave the event and permanently banned from all future events.


First and foremost, known or accused abusers will never under any circumstances be booked on or permitted to attend Wrestlers' Lab events. All talent booked for each event will be informed of the requirement to clear guests with management before allowing them to tag along. We reserve the right to immediately eject (no three-strike system) any owners, staff, volunteers, talent, crew, significant others, or family members - if applicable, without pay - should their behavior overtly and maliciously break the code of conduct. Make no mistake about it, no star shines bright enough to be exempt from these rules.


We are open to any and all civil, constructive conversations regarding this statement. It is imperative that you know that your voices matter. Regardless of which side of the guardrail you're on or what role you play, we are here to hear you out and act in whatever manner is necessary to ensure your comfort. This is a safe space first and a professional wrestling promotion second, and we will never take any accusation lightly or move on from it without a full investigation and appropriate action.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important document, and thank you for supporting The Lab. Please exhibit the same level of interest in the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of your fellow human beings. We all deserve a life without abuse.

*** If you need to report anything at all, please feel free to approach anyone at our events with a 'LAB STAFF' shirt. You can also message us directly via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or via email at ***