On the surface, 'The Ace of Spades' Ace Austin and 'The Product' David Starr may seem like two vastly different men, but they have more in common than people realize. Aside from the fact that they're two of the most uniquely-talented and dedicated competitors in independent wrestling, there's a shared path, and a deep-seeded respect that lies beyond the public eye.

In Ace's early days, David acted as a mentor to him. Today, 'The Product' travels the world perfecting his craft, but - as is evident by his victory in this year's Best of the Best Tournament - he also continues to bring his career to new heights as member of the Combat Zone Wrestling roster. Beginning with standout performances in Dojo Wars, CZW is also where Austin's stock skyrocketed before he made his move to Ohio. Ironically, Ace is now now quickly becoming one of the most popular members of the Rockstar Pro Wrestling roster; the very promotion that Starr was once the World Champion of. More than likely, these are sheer coincidences, but it doesn't change the fact that - whether intentionally or not - 'The Ace of Spades' is following in his former mentor's footsteps while simultaneously forging his own path. Just recently, that path brought him to DTU Lucha Profesional Mexicana; where he became the El Campeón DTU Alto Impacto.

On Sunday July 8th, in Ridgefield Park, NJ, they face each other for the FIRST TIME EVER. This is an encounter that you're going to wish you were there live for, so make it a reality by ordering your tickets right now.