For the past two weeks, we've been contemplating this. We re-watched their first bout...numerous times. We thought about what LABNORMAL means for the future of The Lab, and what we've stood for since day one. Here's the conclusion that we reached.

Despite the fact that Shane Mercer brutally assaulted 'Hippy' Dicky Moon after their match - and again backstage at CATALYST a couple of months ago - 'The Peaceful Warrior' never gave up, and he still hasn't. That conviction shouldn't be punished or ignored. Moon wants this match. His fans want this match. Even his peers want this match. That's why we're going to deliver it, and ensure that there will be a clear-cut winner. On Sunday July 8th, the rules will be enforced at the referee's discretion. In their first collision, Moon won via disqualification when 'The Iron Demon' refused to acknowledge the official's five count. This time, in the very first rematch in Lab history, the referee will be instructed to give these two the leeway that they need to settle their rivalry.

HOWEVER, if either man gets carried away to the point where the referee has no choice but to call for a disqualification, they will be banned from competing in The Lab...indefinitely. This isn't a street fight. This isn't unsanctioned. This is about taking a step back to find out who, on our biggest show to date, will truly be the stronger competitor.