On Saturday March 3rd at 'CATALYST', Wheeler YUTA came just shy of becoming the inaugural Wrestlers' Laboratory Champion in a match against The Hitman For Hire: Mr. Grim many have called the greatest main event that The Lab has ever produced.

Sometimes, in order to move forward from defeat, it becomes necessary to revisit your past. Cue 'Classless' Mason Myles; the man who defeated Zachary Wentz in his first and only Lab outing. Yuta and Myles got their start under the tutelage of the same trainer. They also tagged together. Then, their careers took very different paths. On Sunday July 8th, they'll share the ring for the first time in years. They knew each other in their early years, but now they've grown into two of the most skilled competitors in all of independent wrestling. If you'e never had the pleasure of witnessing either of these men compete, you're going to learn just as much as they're going to learn about each other.